At DOWNLOAD we have put together a PDF collection that hopefully will inspire you to contact us for more information but also to highlight the different areas we are working with every day. Take a look at our collection and do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a meeting. 

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WISOR Internationalization

WISOR offers professional internationalization support, sales management and export services to companies that do not have their own internationalization team or in-house experience.

We have extensive experience with export projects and with a solid international network, we can provide sparring from the initial stages all the way to market access.

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WISOR Organization & Leadership

Most companies have a daily life where the agenda is characterized by change, rapid development and a focus on healthy growth. When dealing with change, development and growth it must be linked to profitability and positive added value, the requirements for making good decisions and creating good strategies are tightened.

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WISOR Business services in China

Our advice and services are based on international business understanding and practice, which we have achieved through our close cooperation with more than 100+ Nordic companies in China. We offer practical and proven solutions to everyday challenges in China.

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WISOR IPR protection in China

WISOR has many years experience in supporting Nordic companies in IPR Protection (Patents,Trademarks and Copyrights) in China. Whatever you are setting up in China, doing e-commerce or selling directly via agents let WISOR take a check on your IPR situation. 

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WISOR Company set-up in China

Setting up a company can be both frustrating or a simple process - if done right. WISOR and partners has assisted more than 100+ Nordic companies in China. Contact us for an offer for company set-up in China. 

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WISOR Legal services in China

WISOR has in-house juridical department working with issues as:

- Contract Reviewing & Drafting (English & Chinese)

- Contract Negotiations

- Labour Dispute Settlement

- Employment Contract & Employee Handbook

- Company Background Checks

WISOR Project Management & Engineering

WISOR provides a wide range of technical services in the field of energy, industry and pharmaceutics. We provide services in the fields of engineering, project management, brownfield and greenfield projects and Site Management.

WISOR's reliable and professional consultancy services are based on many years of international knowledge and experience.