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We work with strategic business processes, organizational and management development for primarily medium-sized and large organizations.


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Through authentic customer relationships, we strive for development and visible results.

Most companies have a daily life where the agenda is characterized by change, rapid development and a focus on healthy growth. When dealing with change, development and growth it must be linked to profitability and positive added value, the requirements for making good decisions and creating good strategies are tightened.


Since 1997, our consultants has worked intensively with strategic business processes and organizational and management development for primarily medium and large organizations. Through the values ​​of closeness, integrity and reliability, we have a tradition of creating long-lasting customer relationships.


We solve problems in close collaboration with the company's management, employees and internal consultants. This means that we gain a thorough knowledge of our customers, their employees and the reality in which they are working.

Through the values ​​of proximity, integrity and reliability, we have a tradition of creating long-lasting customer relationships working with:

- Strategic design and implementation

- Change management

- Executive sparring & coaching

- Leadership development

- Development tests (JTI, MBTI, LPI, Insights)

Strategic Implementation

Establish a strategic platform - driven by market potential

The purpose is to ensure concrete growth, focused leadership to support the strategy and organizational ownership of both management and organization.

Within strategic implementation, we work with:

  • Mapping the company's growth scenarios

  • Streamlining the current strategy

  • Developing and implementing strategy process

  • Linking corporate culture, values and organizational processes to the strategy

  • Managing strategic shifts and adjustments

  • Following up on strategic efforts

  • Dissemination of strategy

  • Communication and ownership tools.

Change management

Change management is close to the individual's reality and competencies and focuses on specific issues and projects.


With a process-oriented approach, you gain knowledge of your role as a leader in change projects and tools for practicing change management in very specific situations.​

In the field of change management, we work with:

  • Developing the leader's own role in dealing with change

  • Mapping the psychology of change: What happens - individually and organizationally - when people are affected by change?O

  • Optimizing communication in processes of change

  • Dealing with concrete change projects

  • Streamlining change

  • Sparring on specific projects

Process Design

One of our core competencies is targeted design of unique projects where process processes and associated materials, such as scripts, are part of the concept.

For example, it can be:

  • Design of development processes

  • Self-sustaining processes for managers and employees

  • Design of value, culture and implementation processes

  • Design of change cases

When designing designs, we always use individual needs, motivation, situation and analysis as a starting point. We set the right educational framework, target our language so that it affects the individual's spirit, culture and needs, and put in the consultancy efforts needed to complete the course.