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Boao Lecheng International Medical Pilot Zone

To give Nordic life science companies safe and easier access to the Chinese healthcare market, we have established the Nordic Life Science Platform in cooperation with the Hainan Boao Lecheng Medical Zone that is part of the newly launched Hainan Free Trade Port that covers the whole of Hainan Island.

Boao Lecheng Medical Zone has been granted preferential policies that aim to create a world-class international medical destination and hub for advanced medical treatment, rehabilitation, medical R&D, and technology innovation in China.

Nordic Life Science Platform - Hainan - Step-by-Step Process

We deliver a step-by-step process that supports companies all the way but also give them the option to pull out during the process if they decide the Chinese market is not right for them.

With the Nordic Life Science Platform and our partner network in China, our experienced team will assist Nordic life science companies to enter the “difficult- to-penetrate” Chinese healthcare market.

We offer expert advice and supporting services such as project management, IPR protection, market entry, venture capital, company set-up, registrations, permits, approval procedures, and sales.

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Nordic Life Science Platform - Hainan - Soft-landing Platform and Gateway

Nordic life science companies often hold back from starting exports or local sales in China because it is considered too “difficult” and due to “lack of transparency”.

Many also experience big challenges in navigating through the Chinese regulatory system and procedures and engaging in a close dialogue with the local (health) authorities.

To lower the entry barriers, we have gathered a team of experts with many years of operational know-how and experience from doing business in China and established the Nordic Life Science Platform in cooperation with the Boao Lecheng Medical Zone.

The Nordic Life Science Platform will reduce the challenges and time to market by utilizing our Chinese network and support from local partners in China.

It is a soft-landing platform that functions as a gateway and launch pad to the rest of mainland China.

China Market Access via Fast-track Approval Procedures for Medical Devices

Boao Lecheng Medical Zone is a designated “Special Healthcare Zone” in China that supports the rapidly growing Chinese healthcare market and treatment demand by offering fast-track approval procedures that make it easier to register, import, test, and sell medical devices and medicines that are not yet registered in China but approved overseas with an FDA license or CE mark.

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