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Prevent Water Damage
Reduce Consumption


WINT is dedicated to helping businesses conserve water, reduce its waste and the resulting carbon emissions, and prevent the hazards and costs of water leak damage in facilities. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and IoT technology, WINT provides a solution for commercial facilities, construction sites and industrial manufacturers looking to cut water waste, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate the impact of water-leak disasters.

Water sustainability
that’s good for business

Implement a sustainability solution that pays for itself through water savings.

Save your business from
water damage

Water leaks in buildings cause damage to property and disrupt your business.

WINT prevents water damage by detecting and stopping leaks at the source.

When WINT detects a leak, it alerts you and can instantly shut water off. WINT’s artificial intelligence identifies the source of the leak so you can quickly fix the problem.

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Carbon Emissions Solutions

Reduce your facility’s carbon and water footprint

Fresh water is a critical and rapidly dwindling resource. Worldwide water shortages have led the UN to define its sixth Sustainable Development Goal as “Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all people”.

But water availability is not its only environmental aspect. A key fact that often goes unnoticed is that a steady water supply – which involves pumping, treating, delivery and then treatment of the resulting sewage – is a hugely resource intensive process, which results in massive amounts of carbon emissions.

Facility Management Companies

Stop big leaks becoming disasters; and small leaksfrom becoming big ones

Your customers and tenants seek a smooth experience. They expect proactive prevention of issues and instant solutions when problems arise. Water leaks will be an inconvenience at best or a major source of business disruption and unnecessary expenses. 

With WINT, your staff will receive alerts when water leaks into your facility. When a leak happens, you can choose to automatically shut-off the water or to be alerted for further investigation. Furthermore, to support your sustainability initiatives both you and your customers can regularly monitor the facility’s water usage to identify misuse and waste, and to reduce consumption.

  1. Alert staff about leaks and waste in real time

  2. Deliver great service with immediate response to leak events

  3. Get ongoing and historical reports about water use and leaks

  4. Perform trend analysis to identify potential water savings

  5. Remotely control valves and water shut offs

  6. Support the organization’s environmental agenda

  7. Provide a water-secure facility that reduces customers’ water risk

  8. Levy water charges that are fair

Data Centers 
and Mission Critical Facilities

Computers and water don’t mix

Water leaks can completely shut down a data center or other mission critical facilities.

WINT ensures the continuity of your business, prevents downtime as a result of leaks, and protects your valuable equipment and data from water disasters.

Designed for mission critical facilities, WINT:

  1. Detects leaks at the source, not when water is already pooled on the floor

  2. Uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and pattern matching technology to deliver accurate and timely detection

  3. Automatically stops the water flow and alerts you immediately

  4. Suggests where the leak may be so you can quickly fix it

  5. Integrates with Building Management solutions so operations staff can monitor water alerts using your standard operations tools.

  6. Ensures protection at all times with fully autonomous units.


The best insurance against site floods is prevention

A water leak can set a building project back weeks or months and cost a fortune. Leak events that happen over the weekend will go unnoticed, and leaks in an upper floor will damage floors below. 

Even if you’re insured, deductibles can be significant, and premiums may rise. Will you even deliver the project on time? The damage to your reputation could be incalculable.

Ensure the continuity of your construction project and prevent expensive downtime because of leaks with WINT. The state-of-the-art WINT solution:

  • Detects the leak at the source, before the damage has spread

  • Automatically stops the water and alerts you immediately

  • Suggest where the leak is

  • Protects your site with autonomous devices and Artificial Intelligence

Monitor water on your site – and prevent painful water damage

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