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WISOR  provides a wide range of technical services in the field of energy, industry and pharmaceuticals.

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Project Management & Engineering

WISOR offer our customers flexible solutions in Program/Project Management and Engineering. We can deliver system solutions or management/engineering resources depending on customer needs.


WISOR’s Program/Senior Project Managers (PM’s) are experienced professionals known for their knowledge and skill to assist clients in the effective management of programs and projects. You get a handpicked PM whose experience and competencies are attentively matched to your company and the project’s requirement.

Our team is a mix of permanent staff and freelancers and all are provided with a set of project management tools that enable them to monitor and exceed customer expectations in these areas within:



WISOR has a proven track record of taking concepts from initial design into the development and delivery phases and services throughout the systems lifetime. Quality is guaranteed by decades of experience in managing large-enterprise-scale complex programs and mission-critical operational systems.


  1. WISOR assist in all aspects of program and project management: including preliminary planning

  2. Design and engineering

  3. Installation

  4. Commissioning

  5. Training either in-house at the client or as sub-supplier of a complete system.


So, no matter what kind of project you have - green field or brown field, a new plant, modernizing an extension or revamp - we are the perfect partner for your task.