The WISOR team consist of several experienced partners and sub partners all with 
many years of working 
experience from around the globe.  

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Internationalization Strategies

Companies considering exporting have to take numerous strategic decisions. At WISOR we assist you in the strategic making and decision making with focus on: 

  1. Market entry strategies

  2. Target market strategies,

  3. Timing strategies

  4. Allocation strategies

  5. Coordination strategies.

We have extensive experience with exports and with a solid international network, we can provide sparring from the initial stages all the way to market access. Our project model can be quickly adapted to your company, and therefore we deliver the right strategy with relevant products, services or market knowledge.

WISOR's experienced project managers can assist or take over your internationalization processes within:


  1. Evaluation and planning of market opportunities and start-up

  2. Target groups and market analysis - The analysis shows the market potential and earnings opportunities for your company

  3. Market development - get your product or service to a specific market

  4. Start-up / Identification - local partner / distributor, own company or JV

  5. Product customization and service - Market requirements, application and aftersale

  6. Budget and funding options - product, project and application

  7. Supply chain and logistics - Outsourcing, collection and import regulations


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Market Entry & Operation

  • Market Appraisal

  • Go-2-Market Study

  • Accounting, Finance & Tax Advisory

  • ​Partner Search

  • E-commerce

  • Accounting & Reporting

  • Payroll

  • Project Management

Legal Services

  • ​Company Set-up (HK limited and China Co., Ltd.)

  • IPR Protection (Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights)

  • Contract Reviewing & Drafting (English & Chinese)

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Labour Dispute Settlement

  • Employment Contract & Employee Handbook

  • Company Background Checks

Internationalization Strategies in China

China has become the no. 1 economy in the world and, together with the United States, both has an extremely impact on a business, economic and social level.


Each Nordic corporate group, company or organization that decides to develop its own internationalization strategy must put China at the center of its plans.


Approaching a complex country like China is not easy and to take advantage of the opportunities, it is necessary to understand the system and its main trends.


WISOR China team has been doing business in China for the last 20 years and with office and partners in both Shanghai and Chongqing we cover most of the important aspects such as:​


Solutions for B2B

WISOR makes it easier to generate, retain and create new sales leads that will win you new clients.  


We offer a “tailor-made” WeChat mini program solution for client lead generation based on:

  • Attracting new Chinese leads

  • Increasing the "right" conversion towards the leads

  • Securing you spend time on the most possible leads

  • Creating brand trust, knowledge, and creditability

Solutions for B2C

We have tailor-made simple “Getting started” packages for SME’s entering the Chinese E-commerce market which allows you to act based on detailed research and consumer insights:


  • Market Research & Planning

  • Market Research Analysis

  • Locate Target Audiences

  • Find your Angle


  • Social Media Management

  • ​Find the Right Social Media Mix

  • WeChat and “secondary” Platforms


  • E-Commerce Services

  • ​eShop Set Up

  • eShop Maintenance