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Market Entry

Although we come from diverse industry backgrounds, our shared objective at WISOR is to work closely with our clients and partners to provide practical solutions. Despite being a young company, we have a wealth of experience and expertise. From initial planning and market entry to operational efficiency, execution, problem-solving, and risk management, we possess comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of our field. We take great pride in our broad range of services and hope that you will reach out to us for your next project.

Entering a new market can be a challenging but rewarding experience for any business. Whether you are looking to expand your current offerings, target a new audience, or diversify your revenue streams, a well-planned market entry strategy is essential.

WISOR market entry include market research, target audience identification, competition analysis, and marketing strategies. 

Project Management and Engineering. 

We have a broad experience from running different types of projects. A few examples:

  • Establishing a global market oriented R&D organisation, implementing lean thinking in an order engineering organisation.

  • Implementing lean thinking in R&D.

  • Defining and implementing portfolio and project management tools and standards. Implementing integrated product development.

  • Establishing cross organisational teams around suppliers and categories.

  • Establishing strategic partnerships on core technology areas.

  • Development and run-in of product lines and market development as well as a number of technology and product development projects.

Technical due diligence

At WISOR, we understand that making informed investment decisions is crucial for industrial companies and investment firms alike. That's why we offer technical due diligence services to help our clients evaluate the feasibility of their investment and cooperation opportunities.

Our technical experts possess years of industry experience and are well-versed in conducting comprehensive assessments of production facilities, equipment, and processes. We perform a thorough analysis of the target company's technical capabilities, identifying any areas of potential risk or opportunity. 

Through our technical due diligence service, we help our clients make informed investment decisions, reduce potential risks, and enhance the overall value of their investment or cooperation.

Organization and Leadership

Since 1997, our consultants has worked intensively with strategic business processes and organizational and management development for primarily medium and large organizations. Through the values ​​of closeness, integrity and reliability, we have a tradition of creating long-lasting customer relationships.

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