Planning and implementing international growth.

With the right consultant, your company can reach international markets faster and with better results.

If you want to expand your business to international markets, our consultants at WISOR Process-Consulting provide independent, experience-based expertise in international business and the challenges involved.

We can advise you on how to prepare for and undergo the internationalization process and provide information on market opportunities. Read more .....

WISOR Engineering carries out project assignments in the pharmaceutical, food, industrial and energy sectors.

We have worked in these industries for a long time, which has given us

both broad and specific knowledge. Wisor can offer our customers both tailor-made and specialized services with extensive know-how in project management, quality assurance, process design, automation and industrial IT.


Our focus is to provide quality services with a commitment to

add value for the customer. Read more.....

WISOR consultants has worked intensively with strategic business processes, organizational and management development for primarily medium and large organizations. Through the values ​​of closeness, integrity and reliability, we have a tradition of creating long-lasting customer relationships. Read more.....


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